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David is the President of Customer Centered Consulting Group, a professional services firm that partners with our clients to create a new vision for organizational growth. We design solutions that improve critical functions such as sales processes and customer experience programs.

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A Culture of Service will help guide any organization through the process of creating a culture where serving others, both internally and externally, will become a natural way of doing business.
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Be a Difference Maker!

Great customer service is not delivered by a “company,” but by individual team members who understand what it means to be “Difference Makers.” Yes, it is important to create a culture within a company where customer service is valued and modeled by leadership. Having the support of those leaders makes it much easier to deliver great service. But what do …

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Customer Policies??

Recently, l had an interesting experience with an organization and their “customer policy”. This company had made the decision to publicly post all the rules and regulations on how its valued customers were to conduct business with it. It actually went past the normal language of most legal agreements and spelled out the do’s and don’ts of how we should …

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Customer Service Shouldn’t be a Roller Coaster

The relationship between a company and its customers is not all that different than the relationship between a husband and wife. Every couple knows that there are great times and times that you may not be seeing eye-to-eye. There are also times when you are moving from one state to another, also called “making up.” The Ups and Down of …

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David is an entertaining, dynamic and knowledgeable speaker that never fails to deliver.

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